I would like to give a GREAT BIG THANKYOU to all who turned up today to support the Team Dempsey rideout.
It was great catching up with old friends and making new ones. It was heart warming to know so many BIKERS cared for young Dempsey. Great turnout and great weather.

GREAT BIG THANKYOU to the TESCO staff from Ballygomartin who supplied doughnuts and drinks before we set off and allowed the bikers to use the facilities.

I hope someone caught the grin on young Dempseys face whenever Gary took her and mum around for a blip on his trike, priceless moment.

I have to say today made me realise just how much the BIKER community do for local charities. A great big thank you is due to all the girls of the church and family and friends who supplied tea, coffee, sandwiches and buns at the end of the run. We enjoyed them all.

A wee update on the Team Dempsey rideout and fundraiser organised by our very own, now with some hair, Matt McKechnie. The rideout was a great success although a little wet. We had a fantastic show of support from the local community and of course another awesome show of support from the biking community. We are still in the process of collecting money but it looks close to 1500!! So a GREAT BIG THANKYOU and WELL DONE to everyone who donated and took part. When all the money is in we shall be doing a cheque presentation hopefully with a few bikes and of course young Dempsey. We will then have a chat with the family as to young Dempseys needs. Watch this space and keep praying for Dempsey and her family.
Keep er lit and rubber side down. (Scully 8th July 2014)